Dumpling Take-Out: 八方雲集

24 Jul

Dumpling Take-Out

八方雲集 (ba fang yun ji)


Information: Dumplings! For those who don’t know, dumplings (餃子) are little pastries made of dough containing different kinds of filling. The name of this place 八方雲集 (which in this case means something like ” where people from all directions gather”  is a common name for pastry/dumpling restaurants (for some reason) and you find them (by which I mean this kind of restaurant) on basically every street corner. This particular place is meant for take-out, as no more than two people are able to sit. You can choose between many different kinds of cooked and fried dumplings. There is also a small selection of other dishes. The dumpling stuffing could be anything from all-vegetable to all-meat or a combination of the two. There are also many different flavors (sour, spicy etc). The great thing about this place (this goes for a lot of smaller restaurants) is that you are able to see people create the food right in front of your eyes; so besides them having lack of space to work, you at least get to know that it’s all handmade and fresh. Prices vary from 3 NTD to 6 NTD per dumpling (which is roughly 0.10 euros/ 0.13 USD). The taste is pretty good, the service is relatively fast and there are many options to choose from. Also, great news! this place has an English menu! 


Rating: Good dumplings, service was relatively fast. The flavors weren’t as great as I expected; sour wasn’t very sour and spicy wasn’t spicy at all, but the overall taste was really good.  I would say there are better places out there though. The good thing about this place is that it has an English menu,which is very convenient. The food is really good quality wise, so if you happen to be close, take some dumplings along with you.

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2 Responses to “Dumpling Take-Out: 八方雲集”


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