Shaved Ice(刨冰)- A Taiwan Favorite

27 Jul

Shaved Ice  刨冰

photo (6)

locationdes(this district can be found at Dongmen Station, just walk down the shopping district and you’ll stumble upon a place called 刨冰之家(house of shaved ice), which is hidden behind a huge orange dessert restaurant) Good Luck!

Information: Taiwan is king when it comes to desserts. Especially shaved ice is among the most popular desserts and on hot days like today, (boy was it hot) people crowd around shaved ice restaurants like they haven’t eaten for days.  Shaved Ice in itself is nothing special, but add some fruit and condensed milk (or just fruit) and you’ve got yourself a real treat. You can get several versions of shaved ice; there are shops or  street vendors just selling flavored shaved ice or shaved ice with milk and/or fruit juice. My dessert however had some fresh fruit and sweet condensed milk on top. Mango shaved ice is definitely a Taiwan favorite, as Taiwan produces a lot of the yellow fruit (and it is therefore found in any kind of sweets you can think of). This restaurant had many other options as well; there was strawberry, taro (a purple root vegetable with the texture of a sweet potato), green and red beans, candy, jelly; pretty much anything sweet you can think of. Prices vary from 70 NTD – 220 NTD . The size of this dish was huge, and not only at this restaurant, but pretty much any shaved ice place you can think of, so prepare to get stuffed! This is definitely a must-try when going to Taiwan. This place  was hidden behind a much bigger dessert restaurant, so it may be a little hard to find, but just like many other dishes, you will stumble upon many of these restaurants.


Rating: I cannot begin to describe the many flavors and textures of this dessert. I am a huge fan of Taro for one, it’s chewy and incredibly sweet. Combine that with fresh fruit and cold shaved ice for a flavor explosion. But any kind of ingredient (except for candy maybe, that was a little strange) will do. It’s delicious; not only here, but probably wherever you go. ijsjemoeder

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