an ACTUAL beef noodle restaurant + side dishes (must-visit)

28 Jul

老莊 – 牛肉麵


Xindian district, Qizhang Station 七張 (see map)

Information: For more information about the contents of beef noodle soup, click here!

It’s good to know some people around here, or I would have never found this place. Located in an alley not too far from Qizhang station, you immediately notice the huge red sign which says: 牛肉麵 (beef noodle). The chef is cooking up dishes next to the entrance (a very kind lady), and inside are several waitresses waiting to take your order. The menu is placed somewhere in the back of the restaurant, consisting out of several beef noodle and other (noodle) dishes; but obviously, beef noodle dishes are among the most popular. Also, after knowing what main dish you want, you are free to walk back to the entrance and choose between a number of side dishes such as pig ears (yes, pig ears; try them, not so bad!), tofu,  vegetables or kelp. This bowl of beef noodle soup had huge chunks of meat (already a big difference when compared to my last beef noodle meal) and you could tell the stock was fresh and handmade, as it had a very soft and savory beef infused flavor. Also, I would highly recommend the tofu side dish. It comes with a “century egg”, which is an egg preserved in a certain mixture trough which the outside turns black and translucent and the inside becomes a thick liquid green/gray color.  (the taste is unlike anything I’ve ever eaten, so I suggest you try it out). Cut both into pieces and combine. I had never had this combination before and I pretty much ate the entire thing (there were 4 of us, that’s how good it was).  I also like that this place was a little hidden;  it wasn’t overly crowded, which made for a meal prepared with more care than the usual fast paced environment these people have to work in.


Rating: The downside, again, is the lack of anything English.  But please, don’t let that stop you from going here. Write down 牛肉麵 on a piece of paper or point at the huge red and white sign, say : ”Tofu” after you let them read what main dish you want, and you will not regret going here. The staff was so nice and helpful as well. I don’t really have anything to complain about. You can see the prices on the picture below.  I know I will definitely go back for some more of this delicious noodle dish.

dhhsbeef noodlee

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