Sweet Snack: Red Bean Cake (紅豆餅)

6 Aug



Take exit 2 towards the Gongguan commercial district and you’ll find this snack chain together with many other kinds of delicious street food.

Information: This lovely dessert  is originally from Japan (they call it Imagawayaki). It’s extremely popular in Taiwan, and you can always find them anywhere on night markets or among street food vendors. In Taiwan they call it Red Bean Cake. The outside is made of a certain cake batter put in a muffin-shaped griddle. Red bean paste (made from Japanese Azuki beans) is then put inside and it’s topped off with another thick pancake-like bottom (often containing black sesame seeds). There are plenty of different fillings besides red beans, such as milk flavor, green beans or savory fillings. If you find a good version of this cake, the cake/filling ratio should be something like 40/60. The outside of the cake is not as soft as you would expect (bummer) but as soon as you get to the sweet and moist red bean filling, the outside will soften up and start melting. I found out after I stumbled upon this place that it was highly recommended in a book I bought about Taiwanese snacks; so be sure try this one out. Just look for the logo with the cute obsessed munching thing.


Categories: Desserts

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