A Taipei Style Breakfast/Brunch

23 Aug

A Taipei Style Breakfast



Name: Morning熊Brunch (really cute place with teddybears, worked for me)

Nearest MRT stop: Qizhang Station, then take bus 1 to 8 towards the NCCU University; just forget about the location though, it’s a little troublesome to go to unless you live closeby; any breakfast/brunch shop in Taipei will have this!

Information: One thing I’ve noticed about the kind of breakfast people eat in Taipei (Taiwan), is that there actually is no such thing as a typical breakfast. People eat everything; rice, noodles, soup, dumplings, cake, hamburgers; anything can be breakfast. However, Taipei is a big city, people often want to have a quick bite before going to school or work and often don’t find the time to have a big breakfast. In such cases, Asian-Western-Fusion breakfast places are convenient and very popular. These places serve hamburgers, sandwiches, omelettes, dumplings, quick noodle dishes, small snacks and coffee, tea or soy milk. They usually open up around 5:00 in the morning and close around lunchtime. I finally managed to wake up early enough (it’s the holidays, what can I say) to go there and we ordered a chicken omelette, radish cake (also very typical breakfast food ) and some pan-fried dumplings. Even though the English translation is omelette, it’s actually a very thin rice-pancake with a thin omelette on top (with or without toppings), the savory radish cake is made by combining shredded Chinese radish and rice flour. Sometimes they add meat or vegetables. The dumplings were different in that some herbs were added; so I’m guessing that makes them breakfast-style dumplings. I personally would not recommend the sandwiches, as a lot of sugar is added to Taiwanese bread, but I’m just not used to sweet bread, so it’s a matter of taste.  A typical busy street in Taipei may have 10 or more breakfast/brunch (take-out) restaurants.


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  1. Gold August 25, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    looks yummy

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