Bitter Tea

27 Aug

Bitter (bitter bitter) Tea

Bitter Tealocationdes

Nearest MRT Station: either Taipei Main Station or Zhongshan station (See Map).

This place (house of bitter tea (苦茶之家)has 2 other branches. 1: 台北市林森北路263號 (長春路口) & 台北市松隆路368號(五分埔)

Note: Many places have bitter tea, but a lot of these add flavor or make it less bitter to suit general taste (which is already really really bitter). If you want the real deal however; this is the place to go.

Information: Think you know the meaning of bitter? I thought I did; so I wasn’t scared at all to try Taiwanese Bitter Tea. When it comes to Tea making; Taiwan is definitely in the top 10 of tea kinds and flavors. Each county even has it’s own special Tea.  Bitter tea is definitely among the popular health teas (as you can also find fruit tea, milk tea, bubble tea, and so on…). This pitch black tea is supposed to be good for all kinds of health issues such as digestion problems, fever, headaches and it’s even supposed to help get rid of pimples. I wouldn’t know about the health benefits, but what I do know is that the taste is quite peculiar. Upon smelling it, it reminded me of a very strong kind of (European) licorice. The taste was initially fresh; then came the aftertaste; this was unlike any kind of bitter drink or food I had ever tasted .. in my life.  Luckily, Taiwanese people think the same way, so the tea came with some dried hawthorn (kind of berry)  (山楂)to get rid of the bitterness (that will linger the entire day if you don’t eat something else). Buy a very small cup and give it a try. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards!

hawthornbitter teakgkg

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