A tour around Taichung (台中)city

30 Sep

Taichung City; 南天(NanTian)temple, Taichung City Park, Taichung folklore museum park & FengJia Night Market .

templeNan Tian 南天 Temple: website: http://www.tcntg.org.tw/。 Famous for being the largest temple in Taichung worshiping emperor Guan Yu of the Han Dynasty. A 6 storey building filled with symbolism, ancestral worship and amazing artwork. Taichung is pretty famous for its temples in general (probably because all of them have huge statues in front of them). Have something to confess? Looking for love? In need of money; try to find some good luck in one of these.  🙂 Check out the website, as taking pictures inside (of Gods and sacred places) is considered disrespectful and so I didn’t take many. 
park 2park taizhongTaichung City Park: In need of some relaxation? Why not go to the romantic Taichung Park.  The park was built under Japanese Rule in 1903 and the pavilion (see above picture) was built in 1908 (and is still there;  as many changes have been made over the years). Besides the many large trees, park benches and bridges,  there’s also a music stage, some tennis courts and other exercise facilities. The music stage is often used by elderly, playing traditional Chinese instruments. You can also rent a rowboat to float around on the park lake. It’s also a place for youngsters to hang out, smoke and be their loud self though,  so there may be some disruption in the romantic image pictured above. The scenery is beautiful though 🙂

museumpark2museumpark1Taichung folklore museum park: the Taichung Folklore museum will tell you everything you need to know about aboriginal cultures in Taiwan, the Japanese occupation, Buddhism and ancestral worship (then and now), some old style architecture and a beautiful tea garden. You’ll also find old movie and propaganda posters, old toys and some Qing Dynasty art. It’s a little small for a day out, but there’s no entrance fee, you can buy food and drinks and it’s a very good place to relax within the bustling city center. 

nightmarket 1 nightmarket 2FengJia Night Market: One of the most famous night markets in Taiwan; and there’s a good reason for it. It’s huge, much more open space than usual cramped markets and the food! my goodness the food! Looking for anything specific? FengJia will have it!  More to come in the Night Market post 😉

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