Ippudo Ramen

27 Dec

photolocationdesNearest MRT Station: Zhongshan, exit 3. Keep going straight, cross the road and turn right. Walk a little further along this road and Ippudo Ramen will be on your left hand side.

Information: The ramen that I have tried in Taiwan were all really disappointing so far. So without any expectations I visited the popular ramen chain Ippudo Ramen. We had to wait for 15 minutes on a Saturday evening, which wasn’t too bad. We were able to check out the menu while waiting and the ‘Shiromaru Motoaji’ caught my eye. It is a classical ramen bowl with a pork bone broth, noodles, chashu, some vegetables, seaweed (nori), and an egg. Unsure about the portion size we decided to order some gyoza (Japanese fried dumplings) and pickled cucumber. The pickled cucumber was a great appetizer. The cucumber is topped off with crushed sesame seeds and sesame oil. It looks a little bit oily, but most of the oil isn’t soaked into the cucumber so the cucumber remains having a good bite. Then came the moment of truth: the ramen. The broth was good, very tasteful and a little fatty. The chashu was tasty, although still a little to thinly sliced for my taste. The addition of crispy nori is really nice and a must for a good bowl of noodles. Also, the egg is half-boiled so the egg yolk remained slightly runny. The ramen were so-so, because the noodles were a little too thin for me. I was also able to taste a seasonal special: chicken broth ramen. This one was extremely tasty. Instead of pork chicken was used and the results were fantastic. I had never thought chicken broth ramen could be so good. Unfortunately, Ippudo ramen doesn’t sell this one anymore.

photo_5 photo_1 photo_4 photo_3 photo_2

Rating: I was happily surprised by the quality of the ramen and I have visited it several times after my initial visit. For the ramen junky it is a good place to enjoy an authentic bowl of ramen. Quality wise there are better Ramen restaurants in Japan, but for a chain, Ippudo Ramen does a really good job. So far I haven’t found a better ramen restaurant in Taiwan.

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