Kiwi Gourmet Burgers (KGB)

9 Apr

10154791_10202974587862792_1509327977_nlocationdesNearest MRT Station: 捷運台電大樓 (Taipower Building) Take exit 3, turn right and cross the street. Take a right, walk about 50 meters and take the second street on your left.

Information: Every once in a while you want to eat a big, juicy burger, and you don’t want to have that disgusting guilty feeling that you get after eating McDonalds or Burger King. For those people there is a nice, small burger place hidden in an alley near Taipower Building MRT station. The menu holds a variety of options including beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers. All burgers are accompanied by either french fries or a small salad. They have a few wild creations on the menu that are certainly worth a try, but even for the less adventurous among us there is plenty of choice. Go for a traditional cheeseburger or try the Kiwi Burger with pineapple, beetroot and egg. The burgers are served without sauce so the ingredients keep their natural flavors, but you can, of course, put some sauce on them. If you don’t fancy a burger, you can always go for one of the delicious salads to which you can add grilled chicken or a lentil patty. Sarah is a big fan of these, and I have to say that they have a surprisingly refreshing taste. I didn’t like their milkshakes too much. The taste of the banana milkshake was quite plain and not really sweet either. If you happen to still be hungry after the burger, try one of their warm brownies with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Those really make my belly happy.

10154791_10202974587902793_1160268418_n 10250767_10202974587822791_978737577_n

Rating: Good burger and salad place for a decent price. Expect to pay around NTD 300. During the weekdays there is a daily burger special so keep an eye out for those. The service, however, is so-so.

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