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Hoshina: Handmade Udon Noodles

20 Aug
handmadelocationdesNearest MRT stop: 中孝敦化 exit 3(zhongxiao dunhua) see map.
Information: Located in between expensive brand clothing stores and 24 hour Hong Kong diners are several smaller alleys with popular restaurants. Hoshina is definitely one of them. With only two branches in Taipei, this place was packed with people and I needed to wait for over half an hour before I could finally get a seat. It was absolutely worth it though. The restaurant specializes in Japanese Udon Noodles (烏龍) and everything on the menu is 100 % handmade! I was recommended the plain cold noodles in a broth, since it gives a great impression of the quality of the noodles.  You can mix in a poached egg for an extra creamy taste. The noodles were divine. The texture was not as rough as your average cooked noodles; these noodles were smooth and firm and a little chewy (but not too firm, ‘just right’).  It came with a surprisingly tasty soup containing dried fish and white sesame; it was clear but tasted creamy, really interesting . Other side dishes I ordered were vegetable pancakes, tofu wrapped in cabbage and green vegetables in sesame sauce, but there were several others. The restaurant itself was classy and tried to mix in the ancient Japan feel with a modern twist.  I would absolutely recommend going here; it’s a little more high class than my previous reviews and the prices are a little higher; but I’d gladly spend some extra money for this kind of great quality food.  By the way: as a dessert you can order their handmade Japanese cookies; they were out of this world and the smell was so good!
udonhshina side dishessoup
Rating: Oh man, where do I start! Amazing quality food, you can watch the chef at work (like monkeys in a zoo, but really interesting though), everything extremely fresh and handmade, good service. Because this place is quite popular, expect to wait a while; but you can watch the chef go crazy with the noodles or take a walk; they’ll tell you how long you need to wait; it’s not so bad. Prices were a little higher than your average restaurant, expect to pay about 200-300 per person. But I am telling you; it is worth it. I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other dishes.
 udon noodles
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Taiwanese Sushi Desu! ~

16 Aug

Taiwanese Sushi

(I apologize for the title) Exact location. Guting Station (map) exit 8; cross the street, turn right and keep walking. You’ll find it on your left hand side after a mere 2 minutes (depending on your walking speed of course)

Information: After reading the title, you might find yourself asking: What is Taiwanese Sushi?! Fact of the matter is; I am not really sure. There doesn’t seem to be a set rule for either rice consistency, ingredients or sauce. What I have noticed so far, when eating local Sushi,is that they put wasabi (the extremely spicy green condiment) on the rice, before they add anything else (I didn’t know that when eating local Sushi for the first time; my mouth was on fire). I went to Keelung (基隆)a couple of weeks ago. There was a popular Sushi chef there slicing up huge chunks of fish, putting it on an equal amount of rice (smothered in Wasabi) and adding thickened soy sauce on top. I initially thought that was the way to make Sushi here, but the place I went to in Guting was completely different. This looked like ordinary sushi to me (apart from some interesting ingredients, like asparagus), but as mentioned before, the rice consistency was a little different and a little sweeter than what I am used to. It came with Chinese soy sauce, which is a little saltier than Japanese soy sauce; the sauce and sweet rice  really complemented each other. Be careful though; they mix wasabi with soy sauce in a bag when you order to-go; that’s a lot of wasabi! There is a very small and cozy bar if you want to sit down for a while and watch the chef cutting up some fresh fish and ingredients. Anyway, I really like the twist they give to a lot of Japanese food here, which I think is a reason to check this out; to compare. 🙂


Rating; Well, it’s nothing like good quality Japanese sushi; but it’s fresh, it has unusual ingredients, the flavors are really interesting and it’s a local twist.  Prices varied from 10 – 25 NTD a piece. No English; but you can pick out the Sushi yourself!   好吃! ~

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