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Prince Ramen Restaurant

21 Sep
photo (1)locationdesNearest MRT station is Xindian. Walk towards the river and look for the boulevard.

Information: There is this perfect spot around Xindian MRT station where you can relax along the river, rent a paddle boat while watching the turtles in the water, and have a refreshing beverage. On the boulevard there are lots of small restaurants with all sorts of different food. Prices are generally a little higher, because of the lovely view and location. A ramen restaurant caught my eye, while strolling along all the eateries, and after some thinking we decided to take a seat there. There is a minimum order of NTD 220 per person, but we wanted to order less than that. After consulting with the manager it was okay to just eat a single bowl of ramen. The ramen being sold here is tonkotsu ramen (ramen with a broth made of pig bones). I decided to go for the original bowl of tonkotsu ramen. The slices of pork seemed a little burnt to me and after a taste test it did not really impress me; it was tough, a little burnt, and the flavor was off. The egg was hard-boiled (we seem to get that a lot here) and not soft-boiled, which I prefer. The broth and the noodles were good though. The broth was fatty and very tasteful and complimented the noodles very well. The rest of the garnish was so-so: a little scallion and konjac. It left me with mixed feelings of how to rate this ramen shop.


Rating: Overall the ramen here isn’t bad at all. The broth and noodles are good, but the meat and egg were disappointing. If I would be nearby I would like to test out a different bowl of ramen here. Besides, the scenery and the atmosphere definitely make up for its flaws.

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Kagetsu Arashi Ramen

22 Aug

arashi1      locationdesNearest MRT station: 中山 exit 1 (zhongshan) see map

Information: As an avid ramen (Japanese noodle dish) eater I was really excited to go and eat at Arashi Ramen, a ramen chain founded in Japan. The store is located in the basement of a famous Japanese department store. The first thing I noticed was that the menu was kind of difficult to understand, because the options of ramen weren’t clear. I went for the Konniku Genkotsu Chashumen; ramen in a pork bone broth, topped with slices of pork and an egg. In addition I ordered an extra half-boiled egg, because it wasn’t an option to pick this egg over the hardboiled egg included in the dish. The thinly sliced pork was plentiful and tasty, but a little too thin for my taste. The broth was also too weak of taste and therefore the noodles were fairly tasteless, although the texture of the noodles was nice. I could have ordered a stronger broth, but I wanted to try the original one first. The half-boiled egg was also not great; not so much flavor and not quite as creamy as I am used to.


Rating: I wouldn’t recommend this ramen chain. In fact, I am really disappointed with the overall quality and the prices (prices vary from 160~250 NTD), especially when there are so many better and cheaper options where you can eat. Food not so tasty and the service is nothing special.

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