Taipei: Chiayi City Style Chicken Rice

7 Aug


Chang’s Chiayi Style Chicken Rice 


This is the exact location, as they provided business cards (very convenient). Closest station is Gongguan (see map), walk towards the commercial district and you’ll find it on your right hand. If it’s crowded, you’ve found the right place.

Information:  As the best Taiwanese Chicken Rice is found in Chiayi City(嘉義市), it is pretty hard to find this dish in Taipei. Mostly, chicken dishes or snacks in Taipei consist of fried chicken or chicken legs. Now I cannot tell you what the Chiayi version tastes like yet, but I can tell you that this was pretty amazing already, and to think that there are even better versions out there makes my tummy rumble all over again (and I just ate!). It amazes me how something so simple can taste that great, as this version of chicken rice consists out of shredded pieces of chicken put on top of a bowl of rice and it is finally sprinkled with gravy, made from the juices that are left from steaming the chicken; that’s it. The chicken was extremely tender and the gravy was somewhere in between savory and sweet. The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of chicken (I like meat, a lot); but unfortunately, this was a normal portion; so it doesn’t change much when eating this in other places. Anyway, really nice; I fell in love with this dish and hope to try it more often in different places. This restaurant didn’t have an English menu, of course, but it’s called 雞肉飯 (ji rou fan), and I seriously think you need to try this; even though it doesn’t sound like much.  (Don’t confuse it with 雞排飯 by the way, that’s fried chicken). Service was fast, people were friendly, prices were under 100 NTD; need I say more? chicken2chiekn3
 Rating: Well, I sort of rated it already in the information section, but I thought this dish was delicious. As soon as I get to compare it with the Chiayi City version, I’ll let you know! This place was packed with people by the way, so I’m sure there are other people that think the same way!
chicken prieThe price.. of chicken rice (sorry. lame)
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